Voice Talent

Carol’s voice gives any Voiceover a professional polish. Her interpretive skills make even the most complex content clear to the listener.


Whether for Web or Radio use, Podcasting requires clean recordings and a skilled editor. Carol has a great ear and deft touch, and can apply her talent to interviews, promotions, news or humor.


Writing for any medium needs an experienced wordsmith. Carol’s award-winning writing is well paced, clear and concise, adding a professional polish to stories, scripts and editorials.

“Carol has a beautiful voice.. she knows what it takes to make a script come alive; to convey information while still sounding conversational and natural.”

Kathy Bissen, Associate Director and Chief Operating OfficerWisconsin Public TV

“I am finding that podcasting is more effective than a written medium for explaining the basis of my teachings. When I listen to the podcast for the first time I thought, “WOW, I sound professional!”

Dolores KokinosThe Empowerment Café

“Writing for the ear is different than writing for the eye. Carol knows the difference and does both really well.”